Red Roof Inn-Philadelphia Airport

Ok, so I am going to go ahead and give you the heads up. I waited until the last minute to book a hotel for kid3, kid4, and myself when we went on our mini-trip to Philadelphia and New York. I literally booked the hotel in the departing airport during boarding call. (Don’t judge me… )

So, let me say this…. I haven’t been to a Red Roof Inn in years. I have seen online that they have been remodeling and updating their brand and hotels, so I decided to be adventurous and try it out.

The area that this hotel is located in is an industrial area, but it was only a couple of minutes drive from the airport. Not really a problem. We got there late, so I wasn’t needing any entertainment. But I will say that there are not many food choices within walking distance. So a car would really be needed. We drove over to Wendy’s around the corner. That only took about 8 minutes.

Check-in… I dislike checking into any place that has a bullet-proof glass between me and the person. My hearing isn’t the greatest. And it makes me feel unsafe. If you don’t feel safe enough to check me in the lobby, should I feel safe enough to stay at your hotel? But it’s late….. So, I check in. The front desk lady was okay. Nothing to brag about. Nothing to really complain about either.. She was who she was.

So we get to the room in this 100% smoke free hotel. Two beds. Check….

Ummmm… wait a minute…… why are these beds so small? Ohhhh…. Two DOUBLE beds… probably about the size of a full size bed. Can I get mad about it? Not really, because the website didn’t say two queens or anything. So I wasn’t misled.

But what was that smell? Oh… that? The smell of something being sprayed to cover up the smell of smoke… Grrrrr…… Did I complain? No… because again… it was late.. We were on the other side of the hotel… I didn’t want to pack the car up again, got downstairs, get another room, drag the stuff back upstairs… blah blah… You get the point…

The room was tidy but not really clean. The bathroom was extremely small. But we made it work.

I liked that they had plenty of places to charge electronic devices.. Considering that I was traveling with teens.

The next morning…. We are preparing to get ready to check out… We pack up everything and head to the elevator.. There were some interesting looking characters in the hallway. And there were some other hanging out along the front. It seemed like they knew each other. But they didn’t say anything to us, so I left it alone. The staff that were present during check out were very friendly and made the check out process quick and effortless.

Follow up survey: So a few days later, the standard “how was your stay” email arrived in my inbox. I really like to take the time to fill these out, because this is how the company really finds out how they are doing. When you complain to someone at the front desk, it might not go to upper management. So fill out the survey so they know what’s going on. Back on topic……I filled it out and got a response back. The response back is what made me say I would visit the Red Roof franchise again. Apologies were made and my issues were addressed.

Would I stay at this particular hotel location again…? No…. It is really better suited for maybe truck drivers. Not hardly a family hotel.

Would I give Red Roof another try? I think I will.


****Side note: My daughter said the hotel reminded her of the ones in the Lifetime movies that the women stayed at when they were on the run… *****