Why Use Cammi Cruises & Travel ?

Hi, I am Cammi with Cammi Cruises & Travel. Most people refer to me as “The Travel Agent Lady”.

I specialize in international vacations, all-inclusive packages, travel for social groups, and tour groups for multi-generational families and other groups of all sizes. There has been a lot of talks lately on why someone would use a travel agent when they could go to one of the multiple travel sites to book their vacation. I figured I would give you a little insight on why you should book with me.


  • I give personalized service based on you! When you contact me to book your vacation, I do NOT send you to a booking engine to book. Don’t know where you want to go? Not sure which resort you want to stay at? These are things that I save you time with. I narrow down options so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the numerous things available. I ask a series of questions to find out your needs and make recommendations customized to fit you. I call it a custom-tailored vacation!
  • When there is group travel and family travel, most people don’t want to deal with the financial aspect of the trip with their families. They rather have someone on the outside handle it so that there is no question of what would happen. Also with group travel, there are quite a bit of planning involved that most people don’t have the time to do. I help you with all of this.
  • Travel is my passion.  I love what I do.  I have taken countless hours to become certified by many of the resorts, hotels, destinations and cruise lines to remain informed and up to date. By doing this, I am able to make informed recommendations.  I am on top of trending topics of travel to ensure my clients get the best vacation.
  • I am a resource.  Cammi Cruises & Travel is a one-stop shop! I will not only assist you with planning your vacation but if you need assistance with other things like packing, applying for passports, weather at your destination, customs in the area that you are traveling. I am at your service!
  • I am there when you need me. While you are traveling, I am available for you in in case of emergency. You can give me a call while you are traveling, and I will assist you with any problems that you have. Enjoy your time away, let Cammi Cruises do the work.



Listen…. We all work hard day in and day out.You should make that work worth it and give yourself something to look forward to. Let Cammi Cruises & Travel give you that ideal vacation that you deserve.



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